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                 J E S S E  C A R S T E N 


                     is an interdisciplinary artist, musician,                        mythologist and psychospiritual                                 intuitive living in Portland, Oregon.


                         He currently offers Tarot Readings                             and Dreamwork Sessions                                             remotely and with joy







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d o n' f e a r   t h e  t a r o t

w a m b r a c e  

t h e  r s e i l l t a r o  

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w r i t i n g s :

J E S S C A R S T E N 

is an


artist, musician, mythologist, 

and psychospiritual intuitive based

in Portland, Oregon. Jesse received an MA in

the study of Mythology with an emphasis in Depth

Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa

Barbara, as well as a BFA from the School of the Art Institute

of Chicago. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Pacifica exploring

the jazz musician Sun Ra's personal mythology. At the core of Jesse's

work is a connection to the deep power of psyche, the guidance of dreams,

the force of language and poesis, and the revelatory capabilities of myth.The

tarot came into Jesse's life nearly a decade ago at which point he took up the deep

study of its symbology, use, and psychospiritual capabilities. He has been reading

the cards professionally for the last six years for The Wild Unknown, Psychic Sister in

Portland, as well as countless clients. Jesse's classes explore the intersection of

creativity, mythological studies, psychospiritual intuition, Jungian thought,

synchronicity, and tarot practice in connection to art making, personal

growth, and the reinstantiation of a deeper, more connective reality.

Jesse's Mythological and Tarot-based writing has been

published in In Process Magazine,Tarot Manifest

and has been presented at the Fates &

Graces Mythologium.

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